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Impac Mortgage Corp.  
Corporate Headquarters
19500 Jamboree Road
Irvine, CA 92612
Ph: 800-597-4101


Investor Relations & Press Contact
Justin Moisio


Complaints and Customer Communication
If you have a question, would like to report a problem or file a complaint, please contact our Borrower Satisfaction Representative at 866-579-2962 or e-mail your complaint to We will respond to all voicemail messages and e-mails as soon as possible – in most cases within 24 hours after your complaint has been reported.


Complaints may be provided via mail to the following address:

Impac Mortgage Corp.
Attn: Compliance
19500 Jamboree Road
Irvine, CA 92614


Qualified Written Request
To dispute an error relating to the servicing of your mortgage loan or to request information about the servicing of your mortgage loan, please provide written correspondence to:

Attn: Mortgage Resolution
P.O. Box 8068
Virginia Beach, VA 23450